Prayers & Bible Reflection

Reading And Reflecting On The Bible Together

John Wesley, always a very practical man, said that if you wanted to grow in the things of God then reading the bible regularly was essential. He went on to elaborate that we needed to take the initiative and commit personal time to see results in our inner and outer life. It wouldn’t happen on its own but that our focused efforts would be rewarded.

He expanded that it was always a good practice to read a passage from the Old Testament as well as the New. In this way a balance of law and grace would be understood. He agreed with St Augustine, that the Old Testament anticipates the New and that the New Testament fulfills the Old. He also thought it should be read through the eyes of faith, asking how does this story relate to the good news of Jesus? How is grace understood? How is pain transformed? Where is new life found?

And finally he felt that it should be read with a view to application, asking the question where is the good news found for my community, the world as it is today and for me?

If all of this seems quite daunting then help is at hand, in that members of Highland Methodist Church meet every Tuesday morning at 9am to read the bible together and to pray. We follow the daily readings set down by the Methodist Church nationally, share our ideas and look for good news. If you would like to join us contact Rev Julia (email click here), or just come along.

We would love to hear what you have to say.    

Rev Julia

People & Issues you want others to pray for

Local residents are encouraged to place their prayer requests in the outside prayer box situated to your right just outside the central entrance in Sutherland Boulevard.  


Tuesday Prayers & Bible Reflection Group has been taking the opportunity to write scripture of their own. We wrote psalms of praise, thanksgiving and petition all from the format of a game of consequences. We wrote a line, folded the paper over, past it on to our neighbour who then wrote another line and so on until the paper was back to its original owner. This was an idea we picked up from Laurence Singlehurst's book 52 Cell Outlines and we were pleased with our initial efforts.
We would definitely have another go now that we have got the hang of it.
Peace,  Rev Julia
Click here to see the psalms written by the group.

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