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Crunch Time for Recycling at Highlands Methodist Church

Crisp packet recycling at Highlands Methodist Church has been suspended

The manpower behind this brilliant recycling initiative has been Mencap Showstoppers volunteer Derek Bill. For the past 3 years Derek has collected and sorted the packets, boxed them and dispatched them to Terracycle, who recycle them and turn them into other sustainable products, such as garden benches and playground equipment.

Derek says “I am hugely proud to say that with your help we’ve recycled over 60,000 crisp packets that have been saved from going to landfill. It’s a great success due to the efforts and support of Highlands Church and the community.”

Unfortunately it has grown to a huge amount of work which has become too hard to manage from the Highlands site. I am sure you will want to join Highlands Church in thanking Derek for single handedly initiating and maintaining this brilliant initiative for three years.

The Good News is…

You can still continue to recycle crisp packets as Co-op stores are now accepting them at Leigh -on-Sea. There is also a collection point at Leigh Road Baptist Church, Marguerite Drive, Leigh SS9 1NN  phone no. 01702 478698.

More info follow this link

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