Crisp Packet Recycling

at Highlands Methodist Church

Please call 01702 479476 for opening times

Walkers crisps produce around 11 million packets of crisps a day in the UK. The empty bags ending up in land fill, unused and unrecyclable, yet more plastic clogging up our environment. The bags are made of a fusion of plastic and aluminum foil and beyond the capabilities of our local councils to separate and recycle.

In response to public pressure, (thousands of empty crisp packets were being put in postboxes and returned to the company as a protest) Walkers launched its Recycling scheme late in 2018 in conjunction with TerraCycle. This initiative has proved so successful that thousands of collection points have been set up throughout the UK.

We are very proud to announce that we now have one at Highlands Methodist Church, situated in the Hall, where you can deposit you empty crisp packets instead of putting them in your waste bins.

Any make of crisp packet is acceptable, but please make sure they are completely empty and flattened. Pop them in the collecting box in the hall and they will be recycled responsibly ( popcorn bags, meat snack bags and crisp tubes are not accepted) The hall will be open Saturday mornings between 10am and 12 and Thursdays between 10am and 3.30pm when Showstoppers are rehearsing (during school term times)

This is how it works; the bags that we collect are sent off to Terracycle (it has to be a minimum of 8Kg, about 4000 bags). They separate the plastic from the aluminum, process the plastic back into beads and remake into benches, plant pots and fence posts. Sponsored by Walkers, there is no cost (postage is free) plus we collect 10 points per Kilo which can be turned into cash, 10 points is worth £1.00.

We have recently sent off the first shipment which was worth over 50 points, so obviously the more we can collect the faster we grow the money, which will be shared between Showstoppers and the church. More importantly we are not sending these to landfill and in our own small way helping our environment.


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