Our Mission...
    ...is 'Sharing God's Love in the Community.'
    Click above on the Activities tab (then Regular Activities) to see what's happening at Highlands.
    Our Leadership
    Rev Julia Monaghan, our minister, moved to Leigh from Birmingham in 2012, along with husband Sam, a director of Barnardos Children's Charity. Previously Julia worked for 25 years as a Local Authority Social Worker then served for 5 years as a Methodist minister on the Birmingham circuit.  Supporting Julia is a church family that includes local preachers, a mission enabler for older people, church stewards and many members who take care of our building.
    Julia will be enjoying a well-earned period of sabbatical leave from 1 October to 10 November 2017.
    We meet for worship on most Sundays at 10:30 a.m. and enjoy tea & coffee
    together after the service. We'd be delighted if you came and joined us. 
    The exception is the 1st Sunday of each month.  On those days we'll meet for tea/coffee at 9:30 am and then join our friends at Wesley for a joint service at their newly refurbished building. Lifts will normally be available.
    Also, a friendly group of Highlands' people meet in a home every two weeks for fellowship. We meet at 7.30pm on Tuesdays. A warm welcome awaits you if you would like to join us. Contact Kathy on 01702 714528, or click here for more details.
    Highlander Magazine
    The Highlander is our monthly magazine. You can click here to read the latest issue.
    Harvest Festival
    We celebrated our 2017 Harvest Festival on 8 October, when Highlands welcomed Rev Nana Thomford for the first time. Some pictures are here
    Save the Date
    Saturday 21st October will be the date that Highlands welcomes the King (No, not that one.  The King of Glory has always been here.)  I refer of course to Elvis.
    Tickets are available (£12.50 for adults and £6.00 for children under 16) NOW from Frank Edmonds on 01702 525250 - or you can email frank66thecroft@sky.com
    or you can obtain tickets from the church.....
    More details here.
    Meanwhile an intrepid group from Highlands and Wesley has undertaken a pilgrimage
    It's OK to smile!
    But you need to think and pray as well. We have for you a new version of a famous Psalm.  Click here
    Do you get the Midweek Blues?
    Fed up? Nothing but doom and gloom on the news? 
    Need a bit of a lift?
    Come and have a chat on a Wednesday.
    Find the details here.
    Sometimes, something wonderful and totally unexpected happens. How appropriate that it should be on Easter Sunday!
    Where are they now?
    To find out how things are going for a former Highlands Sunday School member you might remember, click here

    Our Services have changed

    Read about the current pattern of services using this link. For detailed information about services please check out our calendar. If you have any queries please email us: click here

    We now have a new folder of pages that we want you to add to.  Find out more here.
    At Highlands we support a Methodist charity called All We Can.
    All We Can is a pioneering international development, relief and advocacy organisation that helps people to find solutions to poverty and become all that they can, in order to create positive, long-term change in some of the world’s poorest communities.  Find some inspiring stories about All We Can, and about how you can help by using this link to their website


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